Airfield Electrical Work


You may have noticed construction activities on the airfield recently. Our existing airfield wiring and signs have been in place since the early 90’s and have come to the end of their useful life. MAF is currently undertaking a project to replace these items.

Project Items:

Complete Airfield Re-Wiring

All underground wiring for the signs and lights on the airfield will be removed and replaced. This wiring powers approximately one thousand (1000) airfield lights and approximately two-hundred fifty (250) airfield signs. Added up, the wiring is 250,000 linear feet or approximately forty-seven (47) miles long.

New Wiring

All new square LED signs

This project will also replace approximately 250 airfield signs including direction, guidance, mandatory, and distance remaining signs. Signs are also being upgraded to LED to improve reliability, energy efficiency, and reduce down time for repairs.

New Sign

All new light transformers

This project will also replace the transformers for approximately one-thousand (1000) airfield lights.

Project Airfield Closures:

Due to the nature of the project, all surfaces will be closed at some point. We have arranged with our contractor to close smaller portions of the airfield for a week at a time versus large areas for months at a time. At the end of the work week they will remove all work materials and equipment so we may re-open the surfaces for a week while they acquire material for the next section. Some sections may be closed more than once due to part availability and weather conditions.

NOTAMs will be issued as soon as possible once we have coordinated a work area with the contractor and Midland ATC. Due to the airfield layout, some work will only require a portion of a runway. In these situations, the remaining portion of the runway may be available for taxi. If any portion of a closed runway is available for taxi, it will be stated in the NOTAM. Overnight airport closures are expected and those will be coordinated to reduce impact to the greatest extent possible. Please be sure and check NOTAMs before flying out of or into MAF.


Will you have to close every surface, intersection, etc…?

(Yes. All surfaces will be closed at some point during the project. Intersections such as 10/28 and 16R/34L will be done at night to minimize the impact on air traffic.)

Can I taxi on a closed surface if I don’t see anyone working on it?

(No. The surface is closed to all aircraft operations. In addition to barricades, the surface may have tools, open holes, or even live wires that can cause damage to an aircraft or personnel. Most cases we are only closing half a surface that is on one electrical circuit and to allow the remainder of the lights to work we have to place LIVE electrical lines across the closed portions of taxiways behind the barricades.)

Will there be any displaced or relocated thresholds during the project?

(No. Due to the short nature of the closures and the costly work involved in moving thresholds we will not be displacing or relocating any thresholds.)

Do you monitor the weather and try to adjust for approach preference and environmental conditions?

(Yes, in conjunction with the Air Traffic Control Tower and the NWS we look ahead and try to have runways closed that would be a secondary surface for the weather conditions.)


Airport Board Meeting 9/17/13


American was up 13.7% over August of 2012

Southwest was down 9.2% over August of 2012

United was up 8.5% over August of 2012

We had 116 more commercial landings in August 2013 vs. August 2012



New Parking Lot

The contractor is currently working on the sub-pavement grading. After this has been completed base material will be applied to bring the lot to grade. Then paving will commence. The project from beginning to end should take 120 days.


Airpark Improvements

We will be replacing the lighting systems, rehabilitating the runway surfaces, and addressing some drainage issues. The bids were opened and a contractor was selected. TxDOT is currently reviewing the bids and we expect to have a green light from TxDOT very soon. A pre-construction meeting should be taking place in the next 30 days.


Upcoming Meetings

Airport Board

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Permian Basin Regional Airport Board

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 10:30 a.m.

Airport Board 8/20/13


July 2013 vs. July 2012

American Eagle up 24.6%

Southwest down 12.9%

United up 9.3%

Overall down 1.8%

Fiscal YTD

Overall up 2.5%


Spaceport Progress

We have submitted our application along with all the supplements. We are currently awaiting a response from the FAA.


New Parking Lot

Our new Covered Parking Lot will contain approximately 200 spaces. The covering will be similar to what is pictured below. The color of the fabric and structure has not been selected as of this time. Jones Brothers of Odessa won the bid for the construction.


New Parking Lot


Next Airport Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Runway 10/28 ILS project information including runway closures (UPDATED)

The contractor has reworked the schedule to reduce the runway closures. While the project will begin on April 29th, runway closures are estimated to begin 3 weeks later. Runway 10/28 will remain on a nightly closure schedule and runway 4/22 will be closed for the entire week runway closures are estimated to last. If you have questions please call Airport OPS.

Executive Hangar Reconstruction Area B Phase 4

Next Phase of Construction

Phase 3 will be completed very soon and the contractor will move to Phase 4 on April 25th. This phase is projected to take 60 days without any difficulties or delays. Please contact Avion regarding any aircraft movement and/or storage.


Phase 4

Executive Hangar Reconstruction Area B Phase 3

Next Phase of Reconstruction

Phase 2 will be completed by the 25th of March and the contractor will immediately move to Phase 3 on the 25th.  This phase is projected to take 60 days without difficulties or weather delays.  Please contact Avion regarding any aircraft movement and/or storage.  The XCOR Hangar is not available for use.

Hangars Phase 3

Executive Hangar Reconstruction Area B Phase II

The phase is scheduled to begin the 24th of January. This phase is projected to take 60 days without difficulties or weather delays.  Please contact Avion regarding any aircraft movement or storage.

Phase 2

Executive Hangar ramp reconstruction Hangars A-D

Executive Hangar Phase 2 area 1 is complete. Hangars A-D are accessible by aircraft. We haven’t received a start date on the next section.

Executive Hangar Ramp construction progess

Both projects are progressing, but due to the rain we are not being given completion dates. As soon as the contractors and engineers have any information on completion we will pass it on. Thank you for your patience.

Executive Hangar construction update for pavement near Hangars A-D

Jones Brothers has advised us they plan on paving on Saturday (1/5) and Sunday (1/6) in that area.