November Construction Update

Executive Hangars A-D

We have been told by Jones Brothers they are progressing on schedule for this area.

Taxilane ‘T’, French Ramp, T Hangars near the fire station

The current work areas have almost been completed. The asphalt is scheduled to be completed this week and the next phase shown below will begin immediately after the current phase has been completed.


Airport Board Meeting Updates


We were up 16.2% on enplanements in the month of August over August last year.  With a reduction of 1.7% in the amount of seats available.

In September we were down .9% over September last year.  That is great considering we lost the Albuquerque flight and Southwest saw a 5.8% reduction.

The airlines are reducing flights to fill the aircraft we have here.  Please book your trips early.  The more early bookings the easier it is for the airlines to justify extra aircraft and flights.

We are projected to surpass Lubbock this year in enplanements. In the calendar year we are projecting a number around 500,000 people.


The new ramp construction is set to begin tomorrow.  Jones Brothers has 60 days to finish Phase 1.  The entire project should be completed in 225 days.


Contruction Update

Taxiway Tango should be paved and completed by Monday according to the contractor.  It will need paint applied after that, but we are very close to opening it.  Our goal is to have it open by Airsho.


Currently, the contractor has begun its next section illustrated in the map below. 


The PAPIs have been completed on the 10 end.  Monday the 13th at 0700L the project will transition to the 28 end requiring the closure of RWY 16L/34R. The entire PAPI system is scheduled to be flight checked on September 10th. If they are completed and the flight check aircraft passes and certifies the PAPIs we expect to open the runways shortly after that flight check.

RWY 10/28 Closure UPDATE:

RWY 10/28 UPDATE: The PAPIs themselves and the concrete pads have been installed on the RWY 10 end. Wiring them up is next. After that the project will transition to the RWY 28 end and will take place inside the safety area for RWY 16L/34R and RWY 10/28. We will need to close RWY 16L/34R per FAA safety rules to allow for a safe installation for both construction personnel and aircraft. When we have a good date range to announce we will do so in three places: our facebook page, our twitter page, and our blog.

Runway 10/28 closure information

The runway was closed due to the FAA replacing the VASIs. The VASIs will be replaced by PAPIs at both ends of the runway. The initial plan is for the runways to be closed until at least September 10, 2012. Please check back here for more information at a later date. If there will be a significant extension, notices will be made here, Facebook, and Twitter.

RWY 10/28 is now OPEN!!!!

In case you missed it we have re-opened RWY 10/28.  The contractors still have painting and surveying to complete so you can expect closures for all surfaces at some point to accommodate those activities.

Click here for the direct link to NOTAMs for MAF. 

Executive Hangar update 5/16/12

Taxiway Echo has been re-opened. Taxiway Tango has been closed west of the control tower. Phase 2 will begin tomorrow. This phase should be completed in 60 days according to the contractor and engineer.