Airport Board Meeting 9/17/13


American was up 13.7% over August of 2012

Southwest was down 9.2% over August of 2012

United was up 8.5% over August of 2012

We had 116 more commercial landings in August 2013 vs. August 2012



New Parking Lot

The contractor is currently working on the sub-pavement grading. After this has been completed base material will be applied to bring the lot to grade. Then paving will commence. The project from beginning to end should take 120 days.


Airpark Improvements

We will be replacing the lighting systems, rehabilitating the runway surfaces, and addressing some drainage issues. The bids were opened and a contractor was selected. TxDOT is currently reviewing the bids and we expect to have a green light from TxDOT very soon. A pre-construction meeting should be taking place in the next 30 days.


Upcoming Meetings

Airport Board

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Permian Basin Regional Airport Board

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 10:30 a.m.

Airport Board 8/20/13


July 2013 vs. July 2012

American Eagle up 24.6%

Southwest down 12.9%

United up 9.3%

Overall down 1.8%

Fiscal YTD

Overall up 2.5%


Spaceport Progress

We have submitted our application along with all the supplements. We are currently awaiting a response from the FAA.


New Parking Lot

Our new Covered Parking Lot will contain approximately 200 spaces. The covering will be similar to what is pictured below. The color of the fabric and structure has not been selected as of this time. Jones Brothers of Odessa won the bid for the construction.


New Parking Lot


Next Airport Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Airport Board Meeting Updates


We were up 16.2% on enplanements in the month of August over August last year.  With a reduction of 1.7% in the amount of seats available.

In September we were down .9% over September last year.  That is great considering we lost the Albuquerque flight and Southwest saw a 5.8% reduction.

The airlines are reducing flights to fill the aircraft we have here.  Please book your trips early.  The more early bookings the easier it is for the airlines to justify extra aircraft and flights.

We are projected to surpass Lubbock this year in enplanements. In the calendar year we are projecting a number around 500,000 people.


The new ramp construction is set to begin tomorrow.  Jones Brothers has 60 days to finish Phase 1.  The entire project should be completed in 225 days.


Aviation Summit

A few excerpts from Mike Boyd’s presentation


There are not many left. Delta for instance is operated by at least four different certificated airlines.

It is possible to fly from North Carolina to California on a United ticket without every flying on a actual United plane with a United crew.

Airlines are not growing with more airplanes or seats.

Air travel will become more expensive.

Importance of Midland Air Service

Whether Mr. Chiang can get here from Kaohsiung to do a site visit.

That means the scope of national and international access is the real measure of air service.

It’s not just about cheap fares to Disneyland but how to get people to Midland that can create jobs.

Where does Midland Stand

We generate nearly 940,000 passengers annually.

We have no one dominate airline.

Midland generates nearly $153 Million to the airlines.

Great international access.

Future plans are maintaining and expanding existing incumbents.

Only possible additional access would be to Phoenix via US Airways.  Would be more likely if American and US Airways merge.

Denver has been very successful. #2 connecting market from Midland is Casper. Load factors indicate potential for larger aircraft and additional frequency.

Albuquerque and Austin do not have enough traffic to justify restoration.

Remaining markets are all very strong.

Phoenix via US Airways is a possibility along with Phoenix via Southwest.

First Class has arrived

First Class service has begun

United Airlines started first class service to Midland May 1st.  This is the first time Midland has had regularly scheduled first class service since the new terminal opened it’s doors.  See our previous post for more information about the service.  Here are a few photos from that first flight.


Here is the plane exiting Runway 16R beneath a traditional water arch.


The new type of aircraft. A CRJ-700 sitting at Jetway #2


The interior of the CRJ-700. Notice the first class seats in the foreground. There are a total of six of them.


We look forward to the success of this flight.  If the flight and service are popular hopefully we can get this aircraft and service on more flights.

First Class is coming to Midland May 1st

First Class

United Airlines will be upgrading one flight a day to and from Houston to the CRJ-700 aircraft.  With that change in aircraft type that will enable United to offer 6 first class seats on that route.  This marks the first time in the new terminal’s life that Midland will have regularly scheduled first class service.  By booking a first class seat you will enjoy priority boarding, no bag fees, and a one on one level of service from the flight crew.

The first flight will be flown on May 1st from Houston to Midland.  It will depart Houston at 5:40PM and arrive in Midland at 7:06PM and spend the night here on the ramp.  The return flight departs Midland on the 2nd at 5:04AM and arrives in Houston at 6:28AM.

We are very excited for this increase in seats and service here at MAF.

More information on the CRJ-700

More information on the United First Class Service