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First Class is coming to Midland May 1st

First Class

United Airlines will be upgrading one flight a day to and from Houston to the CRJ-700 aircraft.  With that change in aircraft type that will enable United to offer 6 first class seats on that route.  This marks the first time in the new terminal’s life that Midland will have regularly scheduled first class service.  By booking a first class seat you will enjoy priority boarding, no bag fees, and a one on one level of service from the flight crew.

The first flight will be flown on May 1st from Houston to Midland.  It will depart Houston at 5:40PM and arrive in Midland at 7:06PM and spend the night here on the ramp.  The return flight departs Midland on the 2nd at 5:04AM and arrives in Houston at 6:28AM.

We are very excited for this increase in seats and service here at MAF.

More information on the CRJ-700

More information on the United First Class Service


Airport Board


Welcome everyone to the first post on our new blog. A few things to say right off the bat. This blog is part of the Midland International Airport Social Media Campaign. The other mediums we are attempting as a part of this campaign are Facebook and Twitter. The addresses are and Please feel free to like and/or follow us.

Commercial Passenger Enplanements

During the board meeting today we heard several different progress reports. We will try to highlight a few of them here today. Overall, enplanements at MAF have been positive for several months in a row.


 So far this fiscal year we have surpassed the last two fiscals years in every month but one.

Airfield Construction Updates


Taxiway reconstruction is moving along very well. Our contractor has completed the last two sections of milling and repaving early. Currently cold tar sealant is being applied to several sections of the airfield that require the continued closure of several surfaces including three of our four runways.

We anticipate the painting segment of this project will be completed soon. Of course that is entirely dependent on the weather. With the windy spring we have been having our painting contractor has been monitoring the weather very closely to take advantage of any calmer days.

Our thermoplastic contractor has completed the sign installation around the airfield and they look very nice.



Executive Hangar Pavement

The first section has been completed. After a long process on the first section before the second section can be started we have required the contractor submit a letter verifying all supplies and material has been acquired and is standing by for installation. The next sections to be reconstructed are being reconsidered.

 Northwest Taxiway Extension

The wet utilities have been completed around the new pavement and lines have also been placed for future hangar development. Oncor Electric, Atmos Energy, and AT&T will be installing their services soon for the hangar construction and tenants. The overall completion timeline is 45-60 days from now.

That is all we have for now. Check back here for more in-depth updates. Facebook and Twitter will have more frequent updates on the day to day activities at the airport. Thank you, have a great day and safe travels.