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August Airport Board Meeting


July saw all three airlines have positive growth months over last year.  The three combined average a 9.5% increase over July of 2011.  YTD we are up 4.8%

We are trending above the 9 year average in every month of the fiscal year so far.

Over the last two months we have had more enplanements than Lubbock.



The painting contractor anticipates having all the painting completed by the second week of September.

Executive Hangars

The executive hangar construction is progressing currently with the concrete drainage gutters in Phase 3.  That phase should be completed in the next 2-3 weeks and Phase 4 should be started prior to the next airport board meeting.

The next apron reconstruction project has been accelerated.  Due to XCORs lease of the AMI hangar displaced pilots and aircraft will not have a location to store their aircraft.  We have asked Jones Brothers to begin work as soon as possible so we can have the greatest number of tenants displaced and moved back in prior to the AMI hangar being turned over to XCOR.


Northwest Taxiway Extension Project

Roadway work and utility work has begun and should be completed in the next 6-8 weeks. Construction has begun on the first two hangars.

Airport Parking

A parking discussion has been scheduled during the September 11th City Council briefings.



The CAF is hosting a Mustang Stampede this Saturday the 25th.  For more information please visit


Next Airport Board Meeting

The next airport board meeting is Tuesday, September 18, 2012.

RWY 10/28 and RWY 16L/34R UPDATE

RWY 16L/34R was closed this morning for the transition to the RWY 28 end of the PAPI project being done by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We have been told by the FAA the runway and approaches are to be flight checked on September 10th. If the approaches and PAPIs are certified we anticipate opening the runways shortly after that when the project has been signed off by the FAA.


The PAPIs have been completed on the 10 end.  Monday the 13th at 0700L the project will transition to the 28 end requiring the closure of RWY 16L/34R. The entire PAPI system is scheduled to be flight checked on September 10th. If they are completed and the flight check aircraft passes and certifies the PAPIs we expect to open the runways shortly after that flight check.

RWY 10/28 Closure UPDATE:

RWY 10/28 UPDATE: The PAPIs themselves and the concrete pads have been installed on the RWY 10 end. Wiring them up is next. After that the project will transition to the RWY 28 end and will take place inside the safety area for RWY 16L/34R and RWY 10/28. We will need to close RWY 16L/34R per FAA safety rules to allow for a safe installation for both construction personnel and aircraft. When we have a good date range to announce we will do so in three places: our facebook page, our twitter page, and our blog.