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Executive Hangar Reconstruction Area B Phase II

The phase is scheduled to begin the 24th of January. This phase is projected to take 60 days without difficulties or weather delays.  Please contact Avion regarding any aircraft movement or storage.

Phase 2

Airport Board Meeting 1/15/13


For December 2012 we were down 1.4% over December 2011 (40,984 vs. 41,548).  We had 2,000 more seats in the market for December 2012 over December 2011. We are still trending above the 7 year average for every month in the fiscal year so far.

Executive Apron Reconstruction Area A

The contractor has begun work on the final phase last week, this is the area immediately to the north of Avion. The last phase should take 60 days to complete. The remaining concrete work including the drainage gutters should be complete by the end of the week depending on weather and availability.

Executive Apron Reconstruction Area B

The contractor has completed work on Phase 1 and the area has been reopened. A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the next phase of the project before it begins. All displaced aircraft have been returned to their respective hangars.

Northwest Taxiway Extension Project

Phase II (the entrance roadway and utilities) of this project are underway according to the contractor.  The contractor has begun curb and gutter work in the area and the roadways should be constructed in the next 30 days.

Next Airport Board Meeting

The next airport board meeting will be February 19th at 9:00 AM

Executive Hangar ramp reconstruction Hangars A-D

Executive Hangar Phase 2 area 1 is complete. Hangars A-D are accessible by aircraft. We haven’t received a start date on the next section.

Executive Hangar Ramp construction progess

Both projects are progressing, but due to the rain we are not being given completion dates. As soon as the contractors and engineers have any information on completion we will pass it on. Thank you for your patience.

Executive Hangar construction update for pavement near Hangars A-D

Jones Brothers has advised us they plan on paving on Saturday (1/5) and Sunday (1/6) in that area.