Airport Board Meeting 12/11/12 @ 9:00AM in the Media Room


For the month of November in 2012 compared to November in 2011:

  • American was up 14.6%
  • Southwest was down 2.9 %
  • United was up 10.9 %

We saw an increase of 7.2% over the same months in the seats available in the marketplace.


Executive Apron Reconstruction Project- Area A

  • The contractor anticipates all concrete and asphalt work in Phase V will be finished by the end of this week.
  • Concrete will need to cure for a minimum of 20 days before the ARFF trucks can drive on it.
  • The next phase will begin after January 1.


Executive Apron Reconstruction Project- Area B

  • Jones Bros has finished all the prep work and is waiting to apply asphalt in the Phase I area.
  • The asphalt plant is anticipating production on December 15th.
  • Jones Bros is still anticipating that Phase I will be complete by the end of the year.
  • Phase II work will begin in January 2013.


Northwest Taxilane Extention

  • Phase II (Entrance road and Utilities) of this project is underway.
  • Trenching of the area has been completed.
  • All utilities have been installed.
  • Jones Bros has begun preparing the area for curb and gutter work for the road.
  • The roadway should be complete in 30-45 days.
  • Construction has begun on three of the hangars.


Other Terminal Events

Our new Christmas Tree was put up and decorated by Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store (Facebook & Twitter). As you can see it turned out amazing.

We installed new Dyson Hand Dryers in the restrooms of the Terminal Building. Combined these units will save us several thousand dollars in electricity over the old 14 year old units they replaced in their expected lifetime.




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