May Airport Board Meeting 5/15/12


During the month of April we saw another strong month for enplanements which were up on average 2.6%. The fiscal year numbers are even better, we are currently around 4% higher than last year at the same time.

Enplanements for the past nine years compared to the current fiscal year.



The contractor has completed all milling, resurfacing, crack sealing, and has applied the coal tar sealant to a few other surfaces. Taxiway “S” has been completed with the exception of markings. Currently, the contractor is being held up by weather (wind and rain), but when acceptable weather returns, the surfaces will be marked (starting with RWY 28).
We have decided to use a new product for airports called Thermoplastic markings.  The plastic signs are rolled out and melted to the pavement. They can be removed by a pressure washer for easier replacement.  Additionally, they are resistant to the types of de-icing chemicals and snow removal procedures we currently use.  They do cost more, however they last years longer than paint and hold their color longer.  We will not need to close runways and taxiways more maintenance as often as a result, keeping the airfield surfaces open more often. See this link for more information.

The propane burner used to melt the signs.

This is a sign for Runway 34L-16R after it has been applied.


Executive Hangars

Phase I is complete and will be reopened once the weather allows the application of an asphalt transition strip. Phase II will start when Phase I is open, and the contractor has 60 days to complete this area.

The yellow section shows the pavement that will be included in Phase 2

The newly paved section of pavement.

Old East Hangar

The Historical Society released the hangar in March and shortly after that the City of Midland requested bids by demolition companies. The bids for the demolition contract were opened on Wednesday, April 25th. Chamber’s Trucking Service was awarded the contract and will start the removal process in the next two weeks.

Disaster Exercise

The FAA required drill exercising the airport and surrounding communities response to an aircraft disaster is scheduled for June 16th.  Volunteers are still needed and anyone interested can visit


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