Aviation Summit

A few excerpts from Mike Boyd’s presentation


There are not many left. Delta for instance is operated by at least four different certificated airlines.

It is possible to fly from North Carolina to California on a United ticket without every flying on a actual United plane with a United crew.

Airlines are not growing with more airplanes or seats.

Air travel will become more expensive.

Importance of Midland Air Service

Whether Mr. Chiang can get here from Kaohsiung to do a site visit.

That means the scope of national and international access is the real measure of air service.

It’s not just about cheap fares to Disneyland but how to get people to Midland that can create jobs.

Where does Midland Stand

We generate nearly 940,000 passengers annually.

We have no one dominate airline.

Midland generates nearly $153 Million to the airlines.

Great international access.

Future plans are maintaining and expanding existing incumbents.

Only possible additional access would be to Phoenix via US Airways.  Would be more likely if American and US Airways merge.

Denver has been very successful. #2 connecting market from Midland is Casper. Load factors indicate potential for larger aircraft and additional frequency.

Albuquerque and Austin do not have enough traffic to justify restoration.

Remaining markets are all very strong.

Phoenix via US Airways is a possibility along with Phoenix via Southwest.

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